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Now shop from your favorite stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, MakeMyTrip etc. like normally you do. Also apply discount codes to save more!

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Once your order is completed, we track your transaction within 72 hours and add the cashback to your account & send you an email.


When you have Rs. 250 or more as 'Confirmed' Cashback , you can withdraw the cashback and we transfer the money to your bank account for free.

Withdraw your cashback by any mode

Bank Transfer

Transfer to E-Wallet

Gift Card


Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the discounts for online shopping that are listed on our website, we also give you an option of earning additional cashback on your online purchases. Stores and offers that have additional cashback can be identified by looking for a cashback labels, like '+ Upto 5% Cashback' or '+ Flat Rs. 100 Rewards' etc.

Stores like Flipkart, Amazon allow cashback earned from them to be used only for transfers to an online wallet like Paytm; or gift vouchers from Amazon or Flipkart. To make this distinction easier to understand, the cashback earned from these merchants is referred to as Rewards.

The process for earning of Rewards is the same as Cashback, and the only distinction being that Rewards cannot be withdrawn to a bank account. It is due to this, that the available balance on a bank transfer page may be less than your actual available balance.

Any stores carrying Rewards instead of Cashback will explicitly mention them on the respective store pages. The majority of stores do not carry rewards.

When you shop at retailers through our website, retailers pay us a commission. We pass most of this amount on to you as Cashback. This commission fee comes from the retailers’ advertising and customer acquisition budgets.

Follow simple steps as below to earn extra cashback;

  1. Login to our website & select your choice of coupon / offer
  2. Click & visit store to redeem the coupon or avail the offer
  3. Place order for the item/service as usually.
  4. Your cashback will be tracked and updated in your dashboard within 72 hours
  5. Your cashback will be updated as payable within 90 days from transaction
  6. You can transfer your earned cashback to bank account or redeem for gift voucher.

We hate to attach terms & conditions, hence, we request you to take care of following for smooth cashback tracking and redemption.

  • Login to your account on our website before clicking on any coupon / offer.
  • Add products / services in cart only after you visit store by clicking any link from our website.
  • Place order in one session without visiting other website
  • Do not use any other coupon code apart from what's mentioned on our website
  • Do not use Ad blockers/ browser extensions as they prevent tracking of cashback or sale.
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